8 Keys Dream Color RGBIC LED Pixel Controller with Touch Panel

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8Keys Panel RGBIC LED Controller with Touch Panel For WS2812B WS2811 Colorful Pixel LED Strip Light

  • Operating voltage: 5-24V (As long as the positive and negative terminals of the light bar are connected to the power supply, the controller is directly plugged into the light bar. On the light bar can be)
  • Control points: the maximum control 2048 pixels (2048 IC).
  • The effect mode: 376 kinds of effects, most of the effects with the light on the forward flow of special effects. With pause function and auto-play function.
  • Remote control distance: mini version 20 meters, plastic box version 30 meters.
  • You can touch the color ring any color to achieve the color of the light on the flow of water is always on, off the light directly extinguished without reflux (you can also need Custom off light reflow version).
  • With key lock function (off the light state, long press the lower right corner of the "MODE-" key for 3 seconds, lock / unlock the key).
  • Control mode touch dimming
  • The battery model: "CR2025" Not included
  • Controller size: 78mm * 56mm * 20mm

Operating instructions:
1. ON/OFF light on/off
2. MODE + mode forward switching MODE - mode backward switching
3. SPEED + speed + SPEED - speed -
4. BRIGHT + brightness+ BRIGHT-brightness-
5. A auto play/pause play
6. The controller to adjust the number of points method.
When the light is off, press and hold the "MENU" key for 5 seconds to enter the adjustment menu, then press the "MODE+" key and "M
ODE-" key to adjust the number of points, "MODE+" key to add the number of points, "MODE-" key to reduce the number of points. Press and hold to quickly
Press and hold the "ON/OFF" key to save and exit, the default factory 305 points, the maximum can be adjusted to 2048 points.
7. RGB order adjustment (if the color ring color and the color of the light bar can not be adjusted RGB order).
When the light is off, press and hold the "MENU" key for 5 seconds to enter the adjustment menu, then press the "BRIGHT+" key to adjust the
Press "BRIGHT+" to adjust the RGB order until the color order of the 15 lights in front of the light bar is "red, green and blue", then press "BRIGHT-" to reset the RGB order.
Press the "BRIGHT-" key to reset the RGB order, so that it is convenient to adjust the batch synchronization, and press the "ON/OFF" key to save and exit after adjustment.

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