Snowflake Curtain Lights | Warm White LED Chronos
Snowflake Curtain Lights | Warm White LED Chronos
Snowflake Curtain Lights | Warm White LED Chronos
Snowflake Curtain Lights | Warm White LED Chronos
Snowflake Curtain Lights | Warm White LED Chronos
Snowflake Curtain Lights | Warm White LED Chronos

Snowflake Curtain Lights | Warm White LED

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Illuminate your space by using these Star Curtain Lights for your bedroom or on your balcony. 8 Flashing Function LED Lights make them most perfect for Outdoor Home Decoration. These are best decorative lights for Diwali, Christmas and can also be used as DIY tool to brighten up any product. Also popular light decoration for Weddings, Outdoors and Events.


  • Size:
    2.5m 5+5 Snowflake Curtain
    3m 6+6 Snowflake Curtain
  • Plug to the controller: 1 ft, controller to the led lights: 8.9 ft
  • Small Star diameter / length: 0.3 ft / 2 ft
  • Big Star diameter / length: 0.67 ft/ 3 ft
  • Star quantity:
    2.5m: 10 pcs (5 big+ 5 small)
    3m: 12 pcs (6 big+ 6 small)
  • LED color: Warm White
  • LED quantity: 138 LEDs

8 Flashing modes:
Combination, In waves, Sequential run, Back running flash, Meteor flash, Sequential flash, Gradually change, Steady on.

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Quite good



Snowflake Curtain Lights | Warm White LED


it’s amazing

Good product. Great experience.

We purchased two pieces of this product from Chronos. Briefly interacted with Niraj during the pirchase process. He was very helpful and patiently answered all questions that I had about the product. The purchase and delivery process was very smooth and the product reached from Mumbai to Bangalore within three days as promised. On 24th December I put the product out in our backyard and and tested them. Now unfortunately one of the lights did not work out of the box. We tried a few trial and error but nothing seemed to work. So I messaged Neeraj about this problem - he asked for a video showing that the light is not working. I also was disappointed given we were planning to put these lights up on the Christmas eve. After confirming that the lights were indeed not working, Niraj told me that they will replace the product at no additional cost. While I was happy to know this, I also told him that we were planning to use this on 25th evening celebration but looks like it will not be possible. He said that he will try his best and ship this product by air as soon as possible. I was not at all expecting the product to reach the next day and were trying to make some alternate arrangement.

Later in the evening got the message that the product has been shipped and expected to reach the next day. I still was not sure whether this will actually reach tomorrow. A few messages next morning kept me posted and by afternoon 3 o'clock the product indeed reached my home. We tested immediately and inside the house and found that both of them were working fine. So our Christmas celebration and decoration went as planned and there were no interruptions.

It was a great example of caring for customers. Not only their products are excellent but overall the entire interaction with Neeraj and Chronos have been very pleasant. I strongly recommend them for all your lighting needs.

Merry Christmas it was!

The christmas decorations were not just so pretty and well made they came bang on time as assured! Thank you! Glad to know of you...

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Good product

Pl. Send waterproof led warm strips of 5 Mtr.

Good quality

Fast delivery n good quality

Neon Flex LED Strip Lights | Blue


The light is great easy to stick but the blue colour only worked once and now it’s not working.. overall the light is very good, the quality is good too..!!